# Tuesday, 05 June 2007
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As this is the very first blog post I find it appropriate to write a little about my intentions with the blog as well as a little about myself.

First thing first: my name is Sune Hansen and I work at Vertica, at which I am also a partner. Vertica is an IT Services company delivering custom solutions to our customers based on Microsoft technology. The solutions are built involving consultants from one or more of our three teams: Business Process Integration (BPI), Business Intelligence (BI), and eCommerce and Custom .NET applications. There will be more of this personal and professional stuff once the profile page is ready.

In this blog I will write about life in the IT Services industry seen from Aarhus, Denmark. Also I expect to comment on books, articles and other interesting things I pick up on as well as maybe write a little about management. Traditionally I have been a bit of a geek, but I don’t expect too many very technical posts. However, though technology does not “turn me on” the same way it did 5 years ago, you should never deny your past, and there will be posts about some of the Microsoft Server products – especially if they have been used to solve a very complex business problem.

Apart from being one of my primary sources searching for information I must admit to being a novice when it comes to blogs and blogging. I admit to not knowing the full meaning of all the fancy terms, but hopefully I will pick up on that as time passed. I believe that the content is what is important, and at least in this regards I feel pretty well prepared. I already have a long list of topics for posts and I expect to be able to write one at least every 14 days.

That would be it for now. It feels good to get this up, and I am already looking forward to posting the first “real” article.

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