# Sunday, 25 January 2009
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BookshelfSome time ago my colleague Morten Bock did a Beer & Learn session at Vertica about jQuery. It was a very inspiring session and since I hardly ever get to code at my work anymore, but still enjoy it, I decided to start a small hobby project just to learn a little more about jQuery.

The result has now been published, and is a small (read: minor) bookshelf application equipped with book I have read, and recommend for others to read. I have previously written two book reviews on this blog - Peopleware and In Search of Stupidity - but realized that I will not have a persistence to keep writing reviews of the books I read.

Instead I will add those I feel I can recommend to my bookshelf for everyone to see. The first 10 books have already been added spanning topics from software engineering in general to Web Design and Management.

One final note before the link to the bookshelf: I do realize I am not a UX designer :o)

Now go check out the bookshelf if interested.